What happens in a kid’s BJJ class?

Whilst there are rituals and routines in place, classes are kept fun and engaging. Although the specifics of instruction and content will vary depending on the age and skill set of the students, a kids BJJ lesson will be typically look like the following:

At the beginning of each lesson, students are lined up and addressed by their coach. They are introduced to the topic of the lesson and following a quick hand shake, then they will begin their warm up.


Starting slowly, this section builds with intensity to get them ready for the content of the class. Typical warm up activities include running, rolls, hip escapes and movement drills. Specific movements will be included that mimic the topic of the lesson, this is designed to prime the students for the movements that will be required later on.


In this section, a specific technique is introduced and explained. Students will then pair up and attempt to complete this technique with their training partners. The Coach will survey the room answering any questions that arise as well as continuing to guide the student through the movements required.


Under the supervision of the Coach, students will begin to ‘roll’. This involves putting into practice the skills and techniques that they have learnt, against each other. Students are reminded to look after the safety of their training partners as well as themselves.


Each lesson will end with a fun game that promotes an aspect required for BJJ. Students favourites include ‘Poison ball’, ‘knee tiggy’ and ‘revenge’.

Zachary Phillips – Teacher, BJJ kids instructor