Whether you are a weekend hobbyist or a seasoned competitor the most important element of any exercise schedule is consistency of training. Even if you are time poor and can only squeeze in 45 minutes of activity a day, you can still achieve the results you desire provided you are training regularly.

Consistency is not merely how often you are training but also how you apply yourself when you are training. If you are training 5 days a week but really only breaking a good sweat one of those days then you can’t really be expected to hit those goals you have set for yourself. A well-designed training plan followed consistently will maximize results. A well-designed plan has the proper mix of stress and recovery and ensures the right type of training occurs at the right time.

Regardless if you are training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Boxing, Muay Tha(Kickboxing) or personal training, your coach will help you make the most efficient use of your training time. Each workout has a purpose, consistently moving you forward. Even a four-week plan for example is more likely to be adhered to and achieve better results than one that is thrown together randomly. Train hard, train smart and train consistently.

Consistency of Training can be broken down into 3 key areas:


A good dose of cardio is a fantastic way to kick-start your metabolism. Relying solely on dieting to get into shape may allow you to drop some fat but you will also drop some muscle and strength as well.


Resistance training comes any many shapes and forms so don’t make the mistake of assuming that resistance is referring strictly to weight lifting. The best results in any training but particularly in resistance training are working in pairs. Having a training partner or Personal Trainer will keep you motivated and make you accountable.


A healthy diet is not a part-time deal. I’m not saying that you can’t treat yourself every now and then but there is no point eating well all week only to spend your hard earned cash on alcohol and junk food on the weekend. You’re robbing Peter to pay Paul! The most commonly asked question I get as a trainer is “what sort of things should I eat?” The simplest way to answer this is if it wasn’t food 100 years ago, it isn’t food today! When you are at the Supermarket, avoid walking the aisles and stick to outsides like the Fruit and Vegetable and fresh produce sections. Another simple rule of thumb is that if you can pronounce the ingredient then don’t buy it!

For more information or for some general advise come and speak with any of your coaches when you are next in the gym. Happy training!

Glenn McLachlan

General Manager and Personal Trainer.