John Donehue


Owner and Head Coach John Donehue has been training in martial arts for over 35 years and is still travelling the world searching for new and innovative ways to enhance our curriculum to provide the best programs available to our students and clients. He also works closely with professional sporting organisations in both the AFL, NRL and Rugby Union both here and overseas. He has been working with the Melbourne Storm (NRL), for the past 17 years and most of the AFL clubs since 2002. Also working with the New Zealand All Blacks and numerous professional teams in England.

Head Coach John Donehue hails originally from a boxing and kickboxing background, but that all changed when he moved to the United States where he was training with World Champion kick boxers Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez and Bill “Super foot” Wallace. It was Bill who introduced John to Gene LeBell’s World of Judo and Grappling. Living and training in Los Angeles for 10 years that’s also where the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu story began for John, who competed on the Machado U.S.A. Competition Team winning the Nationals twice and also receiving a Gold and Silver medal in the 1997 Joe Moriera Internationals.

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