John Donehue Jiu Jitsu & MMA

Paul Smith

BJJ Coach

Paul’s martial arts training started when he was about 11 years old. He studied a Filipino style of Karate called Sikaran for 6 years and gained his black belt at 16. He went on to train and compete in boxing and kickboxing for the next 5 or so years and competed in Thailand in 1988 at a local tournament. He discovered BJJ in 2006 through a work colleague and found John Donehue Jiu Jitsu in Mornington being run by Jeroen Lynders who eventually became one of Coach Donehue’s black belts.

‘Coach John Donehue has impacted my life in many different ways both as my Coach and a friend. John Donehue Jiu Jitsu has become my second home.’

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